Death on a Small, Dark Lake

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Win Szczedziwoj, a man regarded for photographing subjects inside the rain, is on a holiday. Just him, his digicam, his canoe, and a small, darkish lake properly away from civilization.
That solitude comes to an cease whilst his fishing line drags up a body from the lake. It looks like the same old canoeing accident, but the police suspect murder, and Win is suspect number one (I imply, what are the probabilities of actually snagging a frame with a fishing line?)
But Win wants to recognise why the dead man turned into hired as a manual by a pair of guys who shouldnt really have needed help. And why absolutely everyone at the nearest lodge is so reluctant to speak approximately anything.
Suddenly a remote little lake gets to be a totally busy region.

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  • Tedious
    By Otitus
    Good characters. Good communicate. Just doesnt match collectively. The ethics and conduct of the characters are like a ricochet off of fact. So, it makes an awkward story too implausible. Overall, a poor effort and I saved studying hoping it would come back into focus because the author didnt structure an trade universe in which sloppy ethics, awful forensics, and speculative alternatives are the norms. Keep trying.