Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 1995, Memorial Issue

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It is a biographical book. Many years ago, the few readers of radical Abolitionist papers have to regularly have seen the singular name of Sojourner Truth, introduced as a common speaker at Anti-Slavery conferences, and as travelling on a kind of self-appointed employer via the u . S . A .. I had myself frequently remarked the call, but in no way met the man or woman. On one event, whilst our residence changed into full of organization, several eminent clergymen being our guests, word was brought as much as me that Sojourner Truth changed into under, and asked an interview. Knowing nothing of her however her singular name, I went down, prepared to make the interview quick, because the strain of many other engagements demanded. When I went into the room, a tall, spare form arose to fulfill me. She become obviously a complete-blooded African, and though now aged and worn with many hardships, still appeared like a bodily improvement which in early youngsters must had been as great a specimen of the torrid zone as Cumberworths celebrated statuette of the Negro Woman on the Fountain. Indeed, she so strongly jogged my memory of that discern, that, when I recall the activities of her life, as she narrated them to me, I believe her as a dwelling, respiration impersonation of that work of artwork. I do now not bear in mind ever to had been conversant with any one who had extra of that silent and subtle electricity which we name personal presence than this girl. In the modern Spiritualistic phrasing, she might be described as having a robust sphere. Her tall form, as she rose up earlier than me, remains shiny to my mind. She changed into wearing a few stout, grayish stuff, neat and clean, even though dusty from tour. On her head, she wore a vibrant Madras handkerchief, arranged as a turban, after the manner of her race. She appeared flawlessly self-possessed and at her ease, in fact, there was nearly an subconscious superiority, now not unmixed with a solemn twinkle of humor, in the atypical, composed manner wherein she appeared down on me. Her entire air had at instances a depressing kind of drollery which impressed one unusually.

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