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The bestselling author of Zero suggests how mathematical misinformation pervades-and shapes-our every day lives.

According to MSNBC, having a child makes you silly. You certainly lose IQ factors. Good Morning America has announced that natural blondes will be extinct inside two hundred years. Pundits estimated that there have been greater than 1,000,000 demonstrators at a tea birthday party rally in Washington, D.C., even though roughly sixty thousand had been there. Numbers have extraordinary powers-they can disarm skeptics, befuddle journalists, and hoodwink the general public into believing nearly whatever.

Proofiness, as Charles Seife explains in this eye-starting e-book, is the art of the use of natural arithmetic for impure ends, and he reminds readers that awful arithmetic has a dark aspect. It is used to deliver down liked authorities officials and to appoint undeserving ones (both Democratic and Republican), to convict the harmless and acquit the guilty, to damage our financial system, and to repair the results of destiny elections. This penetrating examine the intersection of math and society will appeal to readers of Freakonomics and the books of Malcolm Gladwell.

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  • Awesome. Fascinating, frightening and infuriating.
    By *** Diabl0 ***
    Another high-quality book by means of Seife. He covers the severa methods that politicians, advertisers and other miscreants deceive and mislead us. The examples he makes use of to illustrate the deceptions are fascinating. The effects on us - regular citizens - are scary. And the contempt with which justice and democracy are handled is infuriating. This ebook will assist you - even those with no mathematical skills - apprehend the way to examine and interpret the numbers used around us.