Rape for Profit

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Top Review

  • Important topic but a bit too self-righteous
    By ExPatListener
    The documentary information an exceptionally heavy, and essential subject matter and is sincerely well worth watching. If it inspires concept, conversation and/or movement then it’s accomplishing something. However the documentary itself suffers from a chunk of self-righteousness and the film-maker seems to have taken cues from ‘Cops’ and similar shows. The actual tales and interviews themselves are fairly powerful and moving and might virtually talk for themselves with out the brought lectures/observation.
  • So predictable...
    By SushiRobot
    …prevent performing like ladies are sufferers, they do what they wanna do, for cash. Greed, laziness, the fast route.
  • Must Watch
    By k gc
    This film is heartbreaking, shocking, and simply very difficult to observe. But it ought to be watched to understand the horrific mistreatment of women (and guys within the equal exchange) going on in our backyards. These are not anomalies. This is real.
  • unwatchable
    By franknbeans2
    An eighth grader with shaky arms could have performed a better job filming this film. The message of the film is obvious and by-product. Nothing new or novel. Prepare for plenty of blurred out faces and terrible camera angles.
  • Excellent
    By Jack S Stephens
    Very top movie, shot in a piece of a guerilla fashion. The filmmaker takes a moral technique, and in some scenes is visible brazenly confronting suspected Johns approximately their choice to shop for a prostitute. The film is worth seeing for the appearance of Darly by myself, who optimistically tells her surprising story in explicit detail. Her appearance, particularly the moments that she claims her physical ugliness as a cherished protection blanket, elevates this movie from top to exceptional.