Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: A Stitch In Time

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For almost a decade Garak has longed for just one element -- to head domestic. Exiled on a area station, surrounded via extraterrestrial beings who detest and mistrust him, going returned to Cardassia has been Garaks one dream. Now, finally, he is domestic. But home is a world whose landscape is packed with dying and destruction. Desperation and dirt are regular companions and luxury is a pitcher of easy water and a heat location to sleep.
Ironically, it is a letter from one of the extraterrestrial beings on that area station, Dr. Julian Bashir, that evokes Garak to take a look at the cloth of his existence. Elim Garak has been a scholar, a gardener, a secret agent, an exile, a tailor, even a liberator. It is a existence that changed into charted via the forces of Cardassian society with little or no know-how of the character, or even much less compassion.

But it is the tailor that knows who Elim Garak become, and what he might be. It is the tailor who sees the ruined cloth of Cardassia, and who knows the way to bring this ravaged society lower back together. This is atypical, due to the fact a tailor is the only aspect Garak in no way desired to be. But it is the tailor whom each Cardassia and Elim Garak need. It is the tailor who can positioned the portions collectively, who can take a stitch in time.

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Top Review

  • Loved it
    By Losbullitt
    Insightful and effective, a testomony to a Cardassian Soul.
  • Easily one of the best Trek reads.
    By Briiiiiiiius
    I dont assume its feasible to like Elim Garak as a whole lot as Andrew J. Robinson does. Robinson lovingly and skillfully crafts his character a backstory worth of the undercover agent/gardener/tailor.
  • Great story. Lots of typos.
    By James Shaieb
    If you may look past the typos (perhaps two to 5 in step with chapter), that is a top notch story approximately one of great characters to ever grace the small display. I even have a new appreciation for simple, simple Garak and his shady, some distance-from-easy culture.
  • Good book
    By weiss-noise
    I very own this e book, its remarkable. I simply think a difficult replica is better.