The Mystery of the Exploding Teeth

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This wryly humorous collection of tales about weird clinical treatments and cases offers a unique portrait of Victorian medication in all its grisly weirdness.

A confusing collection of dental explosions starting in the 19th century, with the maximum recent case within the 1960s, is simply one among many peculiar stories that have lengthy lain undiscovered inside the pages of vintage scientific journals. Award-triumphing clinical historian Thomas Morris has assembled the testimonies thematically so readers will witness Mysterious Illnesses (which include the Rhode Island female who peed through her nose), Horrifying Operations (1635: A hungover Dutchman swallows a knife, which is then surgically eliminated from his stomach), Dubious Treatments (Take twelve young swallows out of the nest . . .), Unfortunate Predicaments (together with that of the boy who honked like a goose after breathing in a birds larynx), and lots of different marvels.

Read collectively, these wonderful memories quantity to a long way greater than a series of anecdotes. They are well worth studying for their entertainment fee on my own, however additionally they tell us a first rate deal approximately the evolution of cutting-edge medication. Some show the clinical profession hopeless within the face of ailments which nowadays would be fast banished by means of present day capsules; but others are heartening memories of healing towards the percentages, sufferers saved from death by using the devotion or ingenuity of a conscientious health practitioner. As a collection they allow the reader to find out about the evolution of scientific know-how and to understand the rationale in the back of healing regimes that might in any other case seem inexplicable these days.

However embarrassing the disease or ludicrous the treatment, every case tells us something approximately the information (and lack of knowledge) of an earlier age, along side the sheer resilience of human existence.

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