What Is Landscape?

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A lexicon and guide for discovering the essence of panorama.“Mr. Stilgoe does now not ask that we take his e book exterior with us; he believes that reading and experiencing landscapes are activities that should be saved separate. But, as I learned in his e-book, the hollow garage area in a car drivers door turned into once a holster, the comfortable nesting location of a pistol. I suggest you stow your copy there.” The Wall Street JournalLandscape, John Stilgoe tells us, is a noun. From the antique Frisian language (as soon as spoken in coastal parts of the Netherlands and Germany), it meant shoveled land: landschop. Sixteenth-century Englishmen misheard or mispronounced this as landskep, which have become landskip, then panorama, designating the surface of the earth formed for human habitation. In What Is Landscape? Stilgoe maps the invention of panorama through putting words to things, zeroing in on landscapes essence however additionally leading sideways expeditions through such assets as kids picture books, folklore, deeds, vintage terminology, out-of-print dictionaries, and conversations with locals. (“What is that?” “Well, its not without a doubt a slough, no longer simply, its a bayou...”) He gives a fantastically original, cogent, compact, gracefully written narrative lexicon of landscape as phrase, idea, and route to discoveries.What Is Landscape? Is an invitation to stroll, to notice, to invite: to peer a sandcastle with a pinwheel at the seaside and think of Dutch windmills icons of triumph, markers of territory gained from the ocean; to stroll within the woods and be amused via the Elizabethans misuse of the Latin silvaticus (human beings of the woods) to coin the phrase savages; to see in a suburban front garden a representation of the meadow of a medieval freehold.Discovering landscape is right exercise for frame and for mind. This e-book is an critical manual and accomplice to that workout to knowledge, actually and figuratively, what landscape is.

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